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Sports - knowledge competition organized in a framework of a transnational project Coubertin Academy - Social Inclusion through Sport Values focuses on general sporting public. The competition consists of an online section, where participants record their achievements individually in a form available on The top ten participants from the online section have an opportunity to measure their strength in direct confrontation and take part in finals consisting of running at 800 m and swimming at 100 m.

Who was Ivan Luknár

A great enthusiast and admirer of the ideals of Pierre de Coubertin, Ivan Luknár made a significant contribution to the fact that the School Pierre de Coubertin in Piešťany bears the name of the founder of modern Olympics. Ivan Luknár was also the founder and supporter of modern pentathlon in Piešťany. For his eternal ideals and the unscrupulous desire to prove and realize the impossible, he became a unique member of the international community of schools bearing the name Pierre de Coubertin as well as the modern pentathlon family.

Ivan Luknár worked professionally as a pedagogue and later as a long-time director of Pierre de Coubertin School in Piešťany, Slovakia. He had been in charge of the school from 1992 to 2014. His passion for sport and the values of Olympism had a huge impact on his students and colleagues. Thanks to Ivan's great efforts and enthusiasm, the school joined the International Network of Pierre de Coubertin Schools in 1999. He participated in numerous major events of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee. He realized one of his many dreams by having the 10th International Youth Forum of Pierre de Coubertin Schools in 2015 in Slovakia and thus writing a successful new page of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee history.

Inspirator, teacher, athlete, sports figure, promoter of sports virtues, Ivan Luknár was a recognized authority not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

The overall winner of the sports-knowledge competition organized as part of the project will receive Sport Values Award. In addition, the best representative from the School of Pierre de Coubertin in Piešťany will be awarded by Ivan Luknár Trophy, in memory of whom the transnational project Coubertin Academy – Social Inclusion through Sport Values was dedicated.


Social Inclusion through Sport Values

A transnational project called Coubertin Academy - Social Inclusion through Sport Values takes place during two years, starting from 1 January 2020 and ending on 31 December 2021. It is interlinked with the national perspective of sport policies in Slovakia, Poland and Estonia, while taking into account the policies developed on the international levels. It focuses on both non-governmental and governmental levels, striving to diminish a barrier between those two sectors in the field of sport and foster mutual discussions. Of particular note is the recent attention some governments across the world are giving to social inclusion through sport values. Its strategic objective is to elaborate The Council Conclusions on promoting the common values of the EU through sport, adopted at the 2018 EYCS meeting in Brussels.

The specific objectives of the project include developing international cooperation and strengthening existing networks in the field, increasing the capacity of the institutions concerned to operate at transnational level, confronting ideas and exchanging examples of good practice in the various Member States of the European Union.

The European Commission supported the project thanks to Erasmus+ Programme and the Slovak Republic became a project coordinator.

Coubertin Academy
Social Inclusion through Sport Values

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